We are the Kolar Family, We are the owners and breeders of Appleblossom Aussiedoodles. We are located in beautiful Norton Shores, Michigan. I along with my husband and two teenagers are the loving family behind Appleblossom Aussiedoodles. We were looking for a family pet that was allergy-friendly for our daughter, she even had allergies to other doodles except for Aussiedoodles. We don't know why but it was the only doodle that didn't give her major issues. So we started our search and found a breeder within a two-hour drive and so we got our female, Kaleia. Then we decided that maybe others like our daughter may have issues with other doodles and we decided to start our breeding line. We searched for the right stud and found a breeder in MN, there we got our Boy Koa!


From Our Family to Yours

All our pups are raised right in our home, with so much love and a lot of affection. Our pups are beloved family members, they live in our home, sleep in our rooms, and accompany us on family adventures. They get to play together in the backyard, they are part of our family.

Our Goal

We want to provide families with happy and healthy puppies. All our puppies come from health-tested parents via Embark and are CKC, ACHC registered.  We are focused on making sure our puppies begin with The Puppy Culture Enrichment Program and are well-socialized, by spending time with our family, around our nieces and nephew and other family and friends, other dogs, and exposing them to the many sights and sounds of the world.  We believe this exposure gives puppies a great start to becoming well-rounded family companions.

We are committed to breeding happy, healthy, Aussiedoodles, with low to non-shedding & allergy-friendly pets.