Surprisingly, there are quite a few                                                                                                                differences between the breeds. The most                                                                                                  noticeable difference is the coloring                                                                                                            and size. Mini Aussiedoodles average in size from 15-25 pounds. Aussiedoodles have a larger variety of colors than normal, white, brown, and black. They come in merles, tri’s, bi’s, their eyes can be blue, copper, green, and two different colored eyes. Mini Aussiedoodles tend to be less shedding and more allergy-friendly than other doodles. Mini Aussiedoodles are full of personality and positive energy. They need physical activity on a daily basis and love to go on walks, hikes, bike rides, swimming, fetch, and other fun activities. Ultimately they are cuddly and are always down for a good snuggle. The Mini Aussiedoodle makes a great pet or ESA/service dog. Mini Aussiedoodles/Aussiedoodles are nicknamed the Einstein breed and typically learn faster than the average doodle. They are more coordinated and can learn a lot of fun and unique tricks such as agility, playing dead, and rolling over. Aussiedoodles tend to have a more spunky, outgoing, funny personality,  very intelligent, and perhaps because of their herding ancestors, they are eager to learn and hardworking. Aussiedoodles are a very loyal breed and want to be with their family most of the time, making them excellent family pets.

What is the difference

between the

Mini Aussiedoodles

and other doodles?